Albuquerque, NM’s Orthopaedic Specialists

Committed to Getting You Back in Motion

There is no reason to let joint pain or sports injuries keep you down. Orthopaedic Bone & Joint Specialists, PA is known for excellence, and our physicians provide the highest quality patient care in Albuquerque, NM. We are committed to restoring the highest level of functionality possible so that you can enjoy your active life once again.



Who We Treat

The physicians at Orthopaedic Bone & Joint Specialists, PA have the knowledge and experience to treat a wide range of bone and joint conditions. We treat patients of all ages, including: young athletes and weekend warriors with acute sports injuries, adults needing to manage chronic orthopaedic joint pain, such as rheumatoid arthritis, and people experiencing degenerative joint disease.

We explore a range of treatments, including orthopaedic surgery, to help you achieve pain relief and improved joint health.

How We Treat You Better

Orthopaedic Bone & Joint Specialists, PA strives to provide a superior patient experience. Because patient care is our number one priority, our physicians offer personalized attention. Treatments integrate wellness and injury prevention so that you can continue to enjoy the greatest mobility possible at any age.

Our office is tailored to meet the needs of those experiencing joint pain. We treat emergency cases immediately yet strive to minimize wait times for all our scheduled patients.

Meet Our Orthopaedic Specialists

Dr. Alan Altman is the heart of Orthopaedic Bone & Joint Specialists, PA. With more than 60 years of combined experience in orthopaedic medicine, our board certified orthopaedic doctors are here to help you restore your mobility and function to the greatest extent possible while minimizing risk and discomfort.

Contact us to schedule an appointment; get the joint pain relief you deserve, the mobility you need and improve your joint health starting today.