Age Management & Chronic Pain Relief Available in Albuquerque, NM

Many people believe that age comes with a price—joint degeneration, arthritis, chronic pain. At Orthopaedic Bone & Joint Specialists, PA, we think chronic pain is too high a price to be paid for a life well lived. We are committed to helping you restore joint mobility and function while reducing pain through non-surgical, non-narcotic treatments.

What is Pain Management?

Chronic joint pain may be the result of age (natural degeneration) or a joint injury that never healed correctly. The severity and duration of such pain can severely affect your quality of life. Pain management involves a variety of treatment modalities intended to lessen the pain, allowing you a greater range of mobility and span of (relatively) pain-free hours so that you can lead an active life.

Unfortunately, many doctors approach “pain management” the same way—with a narcotics regimen to dull joint pain. Because this type of pain management does not treat the underlying cause, it may go on indefinitely and may result in chemical dependency. Fortunately, narcotics are not the only chronic pain management option.

How We Help Manage Chronic Joint Pain

Orthopaedic Bone & Joint Specialists has dedicated many years to the research and practice of age management and pain relief. We are dedicated to joint preservation, the science of avoiding joint replacements. We believe effective pain relief and restoring function is possible without surgery.

We have developed a number of patient education brochures covering a wide array of topics that help people understand their non-surgical options to manage chronic joint pain, such as:

  • Exercise—increasing muscle strength
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Multimodal pain management
  • Practical instruction

We rarely have to resort to life-altering narcotics or pain patches in order to obtain pain relief.

Find Pain Relief in ABQ

Managed pain and improved quality of life are possible without orthopaedic surgery or narcotics. To find strategies to effectively manage chronic joint pain, contact Orthopaedic Bone & Joint Specialists, PA. We will help you find the treatments that restore your mobility and function and decrease pain without the risk of chemical dependency.

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