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Knee, Hip and Shoulder

At Orthopaedic Bone & Joint Specialists, PA, we strive to facilitate natural healing and use the least invasive treatments possible to restore joint mobility. However, there are cases in which the knee, hip or shoulder joint is damaged beyond natural repair, making joint replacement surgery your best option for pain relief and restored function.

When Should I Consider Knee, Hip or Shoulder Replacement?

Knee, hip or shoulder replacement should be considered when the joint cannot be repaired by any other means, including arthroscopic orthopaedic surgery. This is most likely to happen when the cartilage between bones of the joint have been completely worn away (the result of advanced degenerative joint disease) and/or the bones have been fractured and are unlikely to heal properly on their own, even with stabilizing devices (e.g. rods, pins).
Permanent total hip arthroplasty xray
The decision to have a knee, hip or shoulder replacement is not one you should make on your own. The doctors at Orthopaedic Bone & Joint Specialists, PA will perform a thorough examination to ensure that a replacement is your best option and that you are a good candidate.

Joint Replacement Procedure and Recovery

The knee, hip or shoulder replacement procedure involves:

  1. Removing any remaining cartilage from the joint site
  2. Removing all or part of the bone that will be replaced
  3. Preparing the new attachment site
  4. Attaching the prosthesis (artificial joint components, usually metal or ceramic) to the surrounding bone

Although joint replacement surgery is a major procedure, it may be done at an out-patient facility, allowing you to recover at home. Following your doctor’s recovery care instructions is imperative to ensuring the prosthetic is accepted by the surrounding tissues and to minimize pain.

In the weeks following knee, hip or shoulder replacement surgery, you will need to strengthen the joint. You must carefully follow your prescribed physical therapy regimen to safely rebuild muscle strength and prevent injury.

(For more information on joint replacement, visit the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ joint replacement web pages.)

ABQ’s Joint Replacement Specialist

Dr. Alan Altman has more than 30 years of experience as an orthopaedic surgeon. He has performed thousands of knee, hip and shoulder replacements, and in his career, he has carefully evaluated a number of prosthetics and uses only the highest grade medical equipment for your procedure.

To learn more about knee, hip or shoulder replacement surgery and if it is your best option for restored joint function, contact us to schedule a consultation.

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