Sports Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation in Albuquerque, NM

Sports are part of an active lifestyle that can keep you healthy, but participation in sports comes with the risk of injury. Repetitive motion, repetitive stress and sudden impact can cause broken bones, overstretched or torn ligaments and tendons, strained muscles, etc. in any joint. Early treatment is essential to speedy rehabilitation and return to the game. Get the treatment you need from the sports medicine experts at Orthopaedic Bone & Joint Specialists, PA.


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There is a wide range of potential treatments for sports injuries. Natural healing may be possible with rest and activity modification. Braces may relieve pain and stabilize joints to prevent further damage. In severe cases, orthopaedic surgery may be necessary.


A number of factors contribute to the type of treatment doctors will recommend for your sports injury, such as:


  • Age
  • Overall health and medical history
  • Severity of condition
  • Location of injury


Our doctors will perform a thorough examination and consultation to determine the best course of treatment for your sports injury. They will help you understand the benefits and risks to any procedure and answer your questions.


Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Whether rest alone or more intensive treatments are called for, many sports injuries require a rehabilitation program to strengthen the joint before returning to your regular activities. Following your prescribed rehabilitation plan is essential to full recovery and preventing future injury.elbow pain


ABQ’s Sports Medicine Specialists

The doctors at Orthopaedic Bone & Joint Specialists, PA have extensive sports medicine experience, including experience with professional and semi-professional sports teams. Whether you are a professional athlete or an aging weekend warrior, our mission remains the same: to restore joint mobility and function, relieve joint pain and deliver the highest quality patient care.


To learn more about your sports injury treatment options, contact us to schedule a consultation.



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