Truly * Dr. Altman is a pure genius !!!!! Brilliant ! In fact_________.

Let this man have his ego *
Dr. Altman has truly earned it.
If you are going to complain about Dr. Altman ======> please, by all means ====> go elsewhere ============> so that our wait time will be greatly shorter and I’m sure more of more pleasance * Clearly you do not appreciate an artist at work * This is a man of perfection * a perfectionist ***************

If you want to be mended back together properly go to Dr. Altman. If you just want in/out sloppy service/work go elsewhere.

Think about it very well…. He is very task oriented and focused on his work. The man has no time for bs. Or to be shootin the shit with anybody….
Respect that.
Have a nice day


Dr. Altman was my angel.

He performed two (2) major total reconstructive operations to both my (l) + (r) legs concerning the patella. Same procedure done to both. Due to birth defect bothering me later in life. I received both surgery’s at age 17.

Although i am now disabled physically, and also became very limited to activities and extreme limitations of what i can and cannot do….. He helped me so much by repairing my legs. Before that i had an agonizing life of injuries-just from a task simple as walking. Constant dislocations. I am now free of that burden.
Thank you Dr. Altman for helping me to have a physical life. You are very dear to me.
Also, your staff was always so very helpful, polite, and very on task with everything !
Thank you.

Gabrielle Dee Olguin


         I had a pre-op appointment post Thanksgiving long weekend. Appointments were backed up and the waiting time to see Dr. Altman was extended. Having to wait does not bother me. This will be my 4th surgery w/him. I trust him and he is the best.



         Dr.Altman is a great doctor. He has hands of a mirecle person. My positive recovery is a result of his great work, Thank you Dr. Altman. It is Dr. Altman who is responisble for me having a better quality of life.



         My total hip replacement has been a wonderful experience! I’m free of pain and am getting back to my normal level of activity–it’s like I’m a new woman and I thank Dr. Altman for his wonderful surgical work!



         I was in extreme pain and didn’t have an appointment. Dr Altman and his wonderful staff made  time for me in an already very busy day.



         Thank you so much for helping me with my issue. The medical world is not always a good experience. Dr. Alan Altman and his staff made it the best part of this experience.



        Dr. Alan Altman and his office staff are awesome, had an ACL reconstruction repair everything went great! Thanks, KJ



         I was tied up and missed my appointment, calling in nearly an hour late. The staff and the Doc worked me in so I wouldn’t have to reschedule surgery. Great folks!



         Dr. Altman was excellent at explaining surgical procedure. I would recommend him to others and would want him to perform all future procedures if I ever needed any.



         I want to thank Dr. Altman and his excellent staff for the outstanding care. He is highly skilled; his team is compassionate, professional and extremely helpful.